PV Research

Swansea based (Sketty) A. Lloyd Electrical & Solar Ltd are now involved with Swansea University’s Electronic Engineering Department in ongoing research into the actual performance of different types and brands of solar panels and inverters.

We currently have several PHD students who have chosen ‘Photovoltaics’ (PV) as their research field. These scientists are using state of the art equipment and knowledge to invent and produce monitoring devices that can read the various voltage, current, temperature etc. ranges produced by solar panels installed in our climate. (South Wales & Southern England)

The real time data collected by these devices is then put into very detailed spread sheets and graphs so that direct comparisons can be made on the performances of different makes and models of panel and inverter. This allows us to select the most compatable panels & inverters for use with each other as well as for a specific area.

To date we are using the MOST effective and efficient solar panels & inverters. We are also very close to un-veiling a unique new product that will increase the performance of an existing or new solar panel system by up to 20%.

There are many tricks up our sleeves to gain you the most out of the light levels we receive and our on going research with the experts at Swansea University will ensure that we are always on top of the game for our domestic & commercial customers.