Battery Storage & Off Grid

Battery storage with smart energy control. This is the very latest technology, AC coupled smart control by Solax.

This is the technology that will put a modern home as close as is possible to being ‘Off Grid’

The system responds using AC current transformers and a smart charge controller that can change DC to AC and back again.

Key benefit with this battery system: Can inject an AC load of up to 6,000 Watts (6 kW) at any one time and is used automatically to top up the short fall in energy from the solar panel system when the house demand out reaches what the solar panels are producing.

EG:  The solar PV system is producing 2.3 kW and the house electrical load is suddenly 4.3 kW because the washing machine has been turned on.  In normal situations the 2 kW of electricity that are required to fully power the home would be purchased from your supplier. With the Solax smart battery charge controller installed, the batteries are instantly called upon to discharge the required electricity so that none is purchased from the supplier. They will continue to inject electricity to compensate for the solar panels until the house load is reduced.

With a U.K. based technical and research facility, Solax have designed and produced a superb battery storage system that can be retro-fit to new or existing solar PV systems.

Typical real life Example:

Your Solar PV system is generating more electricity than you are using because you are not in.

The surplus power is flowing into the grid, this is of no use to you at all. You have been paid for generating the electricity but because you’re not using it the surplus flows into the grid.

Not any more.

Once your battery storage system is installed you will not lose any more of your generated electricity.

The battery storage system will harvest your self generated electricity.

When your pv system turns off because its dark the batteries switch in and re-start the system so that you can run your TV, lights, computer etc for many hours into the night.

The result…….Your on the verge of having NO electricity bill and all because you have self generated harmless green energy. Absolutely brilliant.


How it works

The PV system will automatically charge the batteries first thing in the morning so that they are full.

Solar panels produce DC power and batteries are used to store DC power, they are totally compatible.

When the monitoring unit detects that there is no longer sufficient power being produced by the Solar Panels it calls on the batteries. This is usually when it’s getting dark.

The batteries re-inject the stored DC power back into the existing inverter and you are up and running again.

It is a simple concept and extremely effective.

This technology has been held back by the size and cost of Lithium Ion batteries.

Similar reasons have held back the mass introduction of the electric car, but science and technology are now overcoming these hurdles and the future is looking good.

Batteries are now of a better design and are affordable enough to make this battery storage system a total must for ALL Solar PV system owners.


The System

The system which we have tried and tested is excellent.

The battery storage system we use is very well priced and very well designed.

It has an internet portal so that you can monitor what the charging situation is at home from any computer and is very easy to set up.

Designed with the future in mind, this system is compatible with the next wave of additional green energy products that can be installed along side it.

These include greater capacity battery packs, off grid switching systems, wind turbine connectivity etc etc.

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