Battery Storage Systems.

Battery storage systems with smart energy control is the very latest technology using DC coupled lithium-ion phosphate batteries.

This is the technology that will put a modern home as close as is possible to being ‘non-reliant’ on grid energy.

Key benefit with this battery system:

Can inject an AC load of 3,000 – 5,000 Watts (3-5 kW) at any one time and is used automatically to top any short fall in energy from the solar panel system when the house demand for energy exceeds what the solar panels are producing.

EG:  The solar PV system is producing 2.3 kW and the house electrical load is suddenly 4.3 kW because the washing machine has been turned on.  In normal situations the 2 kW of electricity that are required to fully power the home would be purchased from your supplier. With a high-tech hybrid inverter installed, the batteries are instantly called upon to discharge the required electricity so that none is purchased from the supplier. They will continue to inject electricity to compensate for the solar panels until the house load is reduced.

Battery storage systems are installed on most new solar systems as the return on investment is significant with escalating energy costs.

The good news is battery storage systems can be retrofitted to most types of existing solar PV systems too!

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Typical real life Example:

Your Solar PV system is generating more electricity than you are using because you are not at home.

The surplus energy is flowing into the Grid, at best you will be getting a small payment per kWh under a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) or Feed in Tariff (FIT)

Not anymore…

Once your battery storage system is installed you will harvest any excess solar energy up to the point your battery is fully charged

When your PV system turns off because it is dark, the battery system will automatically supply stored energy to your home so that you can run your TV, lights, computer etc for many hours into the night.

The result…….Your on the verge of having NO electricity bill and all because you have self generated harmless green energy. Absolutely brilliant.

How it works

The PV system will automatically charge the batteries whenever there is surplus solar energy being generated.

Solar panels produce DC power and batteries are used to store DC power, they are totally compatible.

When the monitoring unit detects that there is no longer sufficient power being produced by the Solar Panels it calls on the batteries. This is usually when it’s getting dark.

The batteries re-inject the stored DC power back through the inverter and you are up and running again.

It is a simple concept and extremely effective.

Lithium-ion phosphate battery technology has now reached commercial viability, contact us so we can explain the benefits in full and the attractive return on investment.

A correctly specified battery storage system a total must for ALL Solar PV system owners.

The System

The system we use is modular in design which means you can start with a small battery (typically 5kW) and add more modules if your demand for energy storage increases. You may add an electric or hybrid vehicle in the future so it is reassuring that it is a very simple process to add more modules.

The battery storage system is fully integrated with the APP so that you can monitor what the charging situation is at home from your phone, tablet or computer. We set this up for you as part of the commissioning process.

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