Domestic Solar PV

Why install Solar Panels?

* Generate your own electricity instead of buying it all

* £10,000 in the bank earns LESS than 20 PENCE per year : Around £8000 of quality Solar PV system benefits over £1600.00 per year and rising

* Electricity costs are constantly rising, generating your own electricity will save you thousands over several years

* Additional technology now available to reduce gas / oil bills too

* Solar PV Panels are a carbon free renewable energy system which helps our planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Types available: ‘In Roof’  Solar Panel systems,  Retro fit Solar PV systems, Ground mount systems, off grid systems, In roof solar PV systems, new build solar PV systems, battery storage.

NEW:   HOT WATER system to reduce gas / oil bills by up to 80%

Once your Solar PV system is installed and commissioned your home will be generating its own electricity during day light hours.

The PV system is designed so that you automatically use your self generated electricity BEFORE you buy any through your electricity meter.

If your home needs more electrical power than your solar panel system is generating  the difference required is automatically purchased as usual via your existing electricity meter.

More often than not you will generate more electricity than you can actually use. If you are not at home to use it as it is generated then the surplus is ‘Exported’ automatically onto the grid. ‘Wasted electricity’.

However, the industry has been aware of this predicament for years and  now has several superb devices that can be installed to ensure you harvest and gain the use of your generated electricity even when you are not home.

These devices include battery storage and the ‘Eddi ‘ power diverter.  A tremendous unit that will automatically divert surplus generated PV power into a water tank so that you have free hot water for showering or for central heating.

Solar PV is now better than ever.  EG:  £10,000 in the bank earns approx. 25 PENCE per year in interest, £8,000 of Solar PV benefits approx. £1,600.00  per year.

Swansea, Gower, South Wales, Brecon, Ross on Wye, Carmarthenshire

When the PV system and associated electrical work is complete (Usually 2 to 3 days) and all our tests and commissioning procedures are satisfied we will ask you to turn it on.
From this moment on you are generating your OWN carbon free electricity.

That is it, it really is that easy. We are a friendly established local company who will always be there to answer any of your questions or queries even after your system is installed.

Solar PV systems design

We believe in attention to every single detail in your systems design. This helps us ensure you have the most efficient Solar PV system possible for your property.

After our research with Swansea University  we know the benefits of using top quality materials. We only use ‘A Grade’ Mono crystalline silicone panels (400 Watt) and market leading inverters such as SMA & Solis.

Solar panels have no moving parts so our quality ‘A Grade’ MCS accredited PV panels are guaranteed to be at least 85% original efficiency after 25 years, superb longevity of performance.                                                            The inverters come with a 5 OR 10 year straight replacement warranty.