APP Monitoring platform.

At the heart of all our PV solar systems is the APP monitoring platform. It provides the user with real-time data (updated every 5 mins) on the solar generation, the energy being used by the home, energy being imported from/exported to the Grid and the battery charge/discharge activity.

The APP really puts you in control of your energy and gives you the visibility to know when to use your high consumption domestic appliances such as washing machine, tumble drier and dish washer. If you are aware that surplus solar is available, you can operate these appliances ‘free of charge’ using solely, self-generated solar energy.

The control doesn’t end there, being a cloud-based APP means that A. Lloyd can remotely monitor your system and give you invaluable tips on how to get the best from your solar installation. It also means that the inverter and battery manufacturers can access your system remotely too and carry out diagnostics or software updates if required.

Using the APP to save money……

Full visibility of the solar generation in real-time gives you the power to make money saving decisions:

  • When to use high-consumption appliances
  • Do I need a battery system to harvest surplus solar energy?
  • Should I set up a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) to get paid for the solar energy I export to the Grid?
  • Do I have enough surplus energy to add more electric heating to my home?
  • Do I have enough surplus energy to charge an Electric/Hybrid vehicle?

A. Lloyd can support you in getting the hang of “all things solar” so you make the correct decisions and maximise the financial benefits of your investment.