The Immersun SystemIf you are not home to use your generated power it will simply flow into the national grid where it is of no use to you at all.

The Immersun device will stop this happening. We will connect it up so that when it detects power being sent to the grid it will re direct this power to storage equipment of your choice.

The 2 that work the best are ….

  • Water storage tank, Free hot water
  • Slim line storage heaters, Free heating for key areas of your home.


Typical real life Example:

You are in work on a bright day. Your Solar PV system is generating you electricity. The units are recorded on your tariff meter but because you are not there to use the power it is flowing into the grid. You are missing out.

We simply install the Immersun device and its associated circuits and appliances to supply a water store and a storage heater.

When you come home from work you have a tank of hot water and a storage heater with 8 hours of heat in it for you to use……..all FREE.

This results in you not using your gas to heat your water or your radiator in the living room.

Your PV system has heated these for you while you were out using electricity that you generated your self for free.

We have dozens of genuine testimonials as to how effective this system is. It is relatively in expensive to install but superbly effective.

The Immersun system can be retro fitted to any existing PV system so get in touch and start saving even more!