Domestic Solar PV

Solar PV systems, Battery storage, off grid systems, In roof solar PV systems, new build solar PV systems.

The MCS scheme will pay you for actually generating your own electricity. You are paid for generating electricity and you actually use what you have generated. This means you buy far less electricity in…… you can expect to at least HALF your electricity bill once you have Solar PV installed.
The tariff payments are tax FREE and last for 20 years and are roughly 15 times more valuable than the interest in bank savings.

Solar PV is better now than it ever was. More affordable, better technology and a superb return on investment. Reduced electricity bills.  South Wales, Brecon, Ross on Wye, Cowbridge

It is really easy, this is the full process from start to finish in 6 easy steps……

  1. Contact us to arrange your Free site survey with Mr. Andrew Lloyd who will explain absolutely everything you need to know and how and what the Solar PV system will do for you and your property.
  2. Quotation including financial calculations will be issued.
  3. We will proceed to installation on your request. We will arrange everything you need…..scaffolding, energy performance certificates, delivery and checking of equipment, engineering applications etc.
  4. Installation time. We will introduction you to the install team. Full and enjoyable PV installation with demonstrations as the install proceeds.
  5. When the PV system and associated electrical work is complete (Usually 2 to 3 days) and all our tests and commissioning procedures are satisfied we will ask you to turn it on.
    From this moment on you are generating your OWN electricity and being paid for doing so.
  6. We will take care of all the registrations for you. We will complete the application forms, MCS registration and notify Western Power of your new PV system.

That is it, it really is that easy. We are a friendly established local company who will always be there to answer any of your questions or queries even after your system is installed.


Solar PV systems design

We believe in attention to every single detail in your systems design. This helps us ensure you have the most efficient Solar PV system possible for your property.

After our research with Swansea University 6 years ago we know the benefits of using top quality materials. We only use ‘A Grade’ mono crystalline silicone panels and market leading inverters such as SMA & Growatt Solar panels have no moving parts so our quality ‘A Grade’ MCS accredited PV panels are guaranteed for 25 years, but can remain efficient for up to 35 years.
All our systems are uniquely designed and electrically installed so that power losses are kept to a minimum. All AC cables are slightly over sized to prevent excessive resistance during long periods of power generation.